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Kemer Beach Vacation & Travel Guide

Kemer Beach is one of the largest beaches of the popular holiday resort Kemer. A large part of the hotel complexes is located here. Hotel guests have direct access to the beach, partly through small tunnels under the pedestrian promenade. A large part of the offers is here exclusively for hotel guests. Nevertheless, the beach is open for all and has something to offer to all: Here, you will find plenty of water sports, some deckchairs for rent, and several beach bars and restaurants, which invite you to stay.

The water is clean and crystal clear, and the beach is well suited for families. This beach is also ideal for families with children. The beach is not well suited for families with tiny children, but it is a great beach with older children.

The great thing is that you can find all types of beach bars and restaurants here. Here you can find a restaurant with delicious food, get a refreshing drink at a beach bar, or try water sports. A great day can be spent at Kemer Beach.

Kemer Beach is a trendy beach, but it is also very busy here. But the beach is still well maintained, and you do not have to worry about the sea. The beach is not very big, so it’s easy to find a sunbed.

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How to get to the Kemer

By bus

Buses go to Kemer from Antalya bus station. But it is not at all necessary to go there, since along the way they stop at any place on demand. Their route in Antalya is bus station – Dumlupınar Blv – Atatürk Blv. They go past the Migros 5M shopping center. Keep in mind that there are several bus routes to Kemer, you need Antalya-Kemer-Çamyuva-Phaselis-Tekirova (see the sign on the windshield) or Antalya-Kemer.

No. 144: Antalya, Kemer. Both directions.

No. 143: Antalya, Kemer. Both directions.

The buses are small, there is a luggage compartment. Travel time from Antalya to Kemer is 1-2 hours depending on the destination (Beldibi, Goynuk, Kirish, Camyuva, Tekirova). During the season, buses run every 20 minutes. Payment of travel to the driver in cash. It is better to sit at the train station or closer to it, in the Migros 5M area there may be no more seats.

You can get to Kemer from Antalya Airport by bus with a transfer. First, you need to take a tram or bus number 600 to the bus station, from where you leave as described above.

By car

Travel time to Kemer by private or rented car is 40-50 minutes. Below is the route.

By taxi

It is quite easy to get to Kemer by taxi. There are many taxi ranks in the center of Antalya. Prices are fixed, but bargaining is possible. Also, the car can be called using special buttons installed on the poles. The fare is 20-40 euros. Read more about taxis and transport in Antalya.


There are usually quite a few people on the Kemer Beach from November to March.

Kemer Beach Weather

The proximity of the Taurus Mountains and the sea makes this piece of the land truly amazing. The climate here corresponds to all ideas about ideal weather. The mountains give you coolness, humid winds blow from the sea, and the sun warms but does not burn. Therefore, Kemer is good at any time of the year. While in other parts of Turkey the thermometer reads off-scale, where the heat is almost not felt. In summer, the air temperature can reach + 35 ° C, the water is also very warm. This period lasts from about June to September. At this time, it is clear in Kemer, clouds are only over the mountains. In winter, the daytime temperature is around + 15 ° C, and it rains quite often. Thanks to the mild climate, the summer holidays here will be wonderful. You can come to Kemer in the off-season. In April, May, and October, the sea is quite warm, and the air temperature varies from + 23 ° C to + 28 ° C.

Air and water temperature

From May to October the air temperature at Kemer Beach is perfect for sunbathing. Some people feel that the water at Kemer Beach is too warm in August.

Average Monthly Rainy Days

In December and January Kemer Beach has rainy season. This is something to keep in mind when planning your trip since it is quite possible that you may be unable to sunbathe.

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