The main goal of the project is to help travelers find the perfect beach.

More than half of all people who go on vacation spend time on the beach. Someone loves beaches by the stormy ocean and surfing, while someone loves calm lakes or rivers. Someone prefers a bustling city beach, like Copacabana, while someone is crazy about high-mountainous lakes with miniature beaches. It does not matter. This is that one way or another, our planet is covered by three-quarters of water, and the population of the Earth adores the places where water comes into contact with land. And this is what unites us.

As lovers of tropical beaches, we could not find or enough information about the beaches in the places we traveled. Internet is littered with things like "the most exotic beaches of country Y," "the most exotic beaches in the world," but there is not a single one where we were going on vacation and browse the beaches in the vicinity. Yes, there are Google Maps, but beaches are a narrow enough topic for GM to focus on. Therefore, not finding a suitable site, we decided to make it ourselves.

Yes, it isn't easy to fill the site, as it requires a tremendous amount of effort, so we always welcome new users, volunteers, and perhaps even future employees. Who knows if you love beaches as much as we do? What if you also want to contribute to the development of beach holidays around the world? Any photo, video, or comment you share will help someone choose their dream beach.

We often lack the sun, we do not always have the opportunity to get to the beach, but BeachRadar.com is always there. If you want a warm sun, salty wind, and sand and wait a long time before your next trip, you can always cheer yourself up by looking at our collection of beaches. If you have an abundance of beaches, take a picture and share your photos with our visitors. May they give a little warmth and joy to those who need them right now!

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