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Konyaalti Beach Vacation & Travel Guide

Set in the city of Antalya, Konyaalti Beach is on the Mediterranean coast on the west side of the town center. It is a Blue Flag beach, so you know that the water is clean and safe for swimming, and there is no shortage of amenities close to hand.

The beach is very long, and the sand is excellent, so it would be a great place for a family to spend an entire day. There are many places to rent umbrellas and sun loungers, so you can sit and enjoy the views. The beach is not too busy, so the atmosphere is relaxed. There is a nice promenade to walk along and a lagoon for children to enjoy, and there are many places to obtain refreshments.

There are also some interesting buildings on the promenade, including the Konyaalti Grand Hotel, which is worth visiting. As you can see, Konyaalti Beach is a very nice place to spend an afternoon and would be a great place to take the entire family. There are many restaurants near the beach, so you can pick up a quick snack or enjoy a full meal without having to travel far. It is well worth a visit.

Konyaalti Beach Tips:

  • There are many restaurants and cafes close by to bring a picnic if you want to.
  • There is also a lagoon for children to play in.
  • It is a Blue Flag beach, so you know the water is clean and safe for swimming.
  • Konyaalti Beach is a great place to take the family.

There is a lot to see and do in the surrounding area, including a water park, aquarium, and an 18-hole golf course within a 10-minute drive. A few restaurants and cafes to choose from, where you can enjoy a snack or a nice meal before heading back to your hotel.

To reach Konyaalti Beach, the best way by car is to take the Antalya Otogar exit off the highway. Follow the road to the right to the beach and the water park. You can also get to the beach by following the main road to the right after Antalya Airport’s exit. You will soon reach the water park and the beach.

The beach itself doesn’t have the softest sand in the world. In fact, it is a little pebbly. However, this helps to keep the water crystal clear. And this is a big beach, stretching on seemingly forever, well seven kilometers. With a backdrop of the Beydaglari Mountains and a backdrop of the verdant park, it can be easy to forget you are on a city beach.

Towards the beach’s eastern end is the Konyaalti Beach Park, which offers plenty of shade, trees, snack stands, cafes, restaurants, and more. Here you will find showers, restrooms, and other services, and you can get rent sun umbrellas and beach chairs. The promenade around the beach always has a buzz about it, and you can rent an electric bike or a scooter near the beach. There are plenty of hotels right next to the beach, as well.

Konyaalti is a great spot if you look for a little more than just lounging on the beach. The old town of Kaleici is nearby in the center of Antalya, where you will find many bars, restaurants, and cafes with plenty of charm. There is also the Aquarium and the Aquapark just behind the beach, and there are plenty of watersports you can enjoy, including parasailing, jet-skiing, diving, and more.

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There are usually quite a few people on the Konyaalti Beach from October to April.

Konyaalti Beach Weather

Antalya is located in the subtropical zone, and the Mediterranean climate makes it a truly universal resort where you can relax both in winter and in summer. In January, the average temperature is around + 10 ° C, in July – about + 28 ° C. The lowest mark on the thermometer was recorded on February 28, 1994, when the temperature dropped to -4.4 ° C. The highest heat in the history of observations was in Antalya on June 12, 2000. On that sultry day, it was + 45.3 ° C.

The weather in Antalya at this time is most often clear, and the sky is rarely covered with clouds. Summers in the region is hot and dry, but humidity is high – about 64%.

The water in the Mediterranean Sea warms up by mid-July. From August to November, spending time on the beach is a pleasure for both adults and children. The average annual water temperature is about + 21.5 ° C, and at the end of summer, its temperature reaches + 27 ° C. On the streets at this time there is a rather serious heat – about + 35 … + 38 ° C. It is only after sunset that it becomes more pleasant.

In the cold season, the climate of Antalya is similar to the monsoon: thanks to the “line of defense” of the Tauride Mountains, cyclones do not penetrate here, but a lot of precipitation falls. Similar signs are observed in the resort area of ​​the southern coast of Crimea. In February and March, the water in the Mediterranean cools down to its lowest temperature of the year – it is only about + 17 ° C. Snowfalls and frosts during mild and humid winters are extremely rare. You can enjoy snowy views and cold coolness, perhaps, in the excellent ski resort Saklikent. The skiing season here lasts from mid-December to the first days of April.

Air and water temperature

From May to October the air temperature at Konyaalti Beach is perfect for sunbathing.

Some people feel that the water at Konyaalti Beach is too warm in August.

Average Monthly Rainy Days

In December and January Konyaalti Beach has rainy season. This is something to keep in mind when planning your trip since it is quite possible that you may be unable to sunbathe.

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How to get to the Konyaalti

By bus

Turkey has a huge number of bus companies (Metro, Pamukkale, Kamil Koç, Ulusoy, and others) that provide comfortable transportation throughout the country. For example, from Istanbul, you can get to Antalya in 10-12 hours, from Alanya in 3 hours.

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