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The elegant beauty France is a vacation with charm: a rich “excursion”, a vacation on the refined Cote d’Azur, famous museums, gastronomic provinces, and Loire castles.

“Nothing has been invented better than France yet” – this impudent, if not to say more harshly, phrase of de Gaulle begs for a stern refutation, at least on a European scale. Surely the neighboring countries will have something to eat the arrogant frogs! Take, for example, the famous half-timbered houses in Germany. What? Are they the same in Alsace? Um, really. Okay, let’s take a look at neighboring Belgium with its special charm of a well-groomed village, authentic fries, and wine beer … What? Can all this be found in Nord-Pas-de-Calais? Damn it really is. Well, well, but purely British chips – fogs from the Gulf Stream, red telephone booths, climbing roses on the large-stone walls of village houses and heather wastelands with gigantic pebbles of boulders rolled in by glaciers – they certainly have nowhere to come from in France? And again by: in Brittany, not so famous as Paris or Nice, but dear to the hearts of many travelers, there is almost more of all this than in England. If we talk about southern neighbors, then fans of Italy will feel at home in sunny Provence, and Spain – in the mountains of the Pyrenees and on the dry plains of Languedoc.

And there’s no way to keep silent about the thousand other things that make France France. About the rumble of the tide at the foot of the “eighth wonder of the world” of Mont Saint-Michel, about the castles of the Loire – graceful, like carved caskets from the Renaissance. About the ingenious bad taste of the Eiffel Tower and the colored highlights of the medieval stained glass windows of Sainte-Chapelle. About the gargoyles of Notre Dame, stabbing a stone gaze into the glass facets of La Defense, about the humped alleys of Montmartre, the immense halls of the Louvre, the crunchy air of Mont Blanc, and the warm aromas of pastries and coffee from the Parisian boulevards … Charles, you are, of course, a cheeky type, but to cover – nothing!

How to get to the France

Charles de Gaulle Airport serves Paris and the center of the country. Air France and Aeroflot fly there every day about a dozen flights – this is the most convenient, but not too economical option. The number of connecting flights is truly enormous and, as a rule, they are cheaper (sometimes at times).

Lyon Airport is interesting primarily for skiers and those who want to visit the east of the country, bypassing Paris.

Nice Airport serves direct flights from the Sky Team alliance. It is convenient for tourists heading to the Cote d’Azur, but unfortunately, high airport taxes affect ticket prices.

Nantes Atlantique Airport is a good option for those looking for western France from Brittany to Biarritz. There are no direct flights from Russia, but there are convenient connections via Paris (Air France) or Amsterdam (KLM).

Car enthusiasts can also get to France by car, their own, or rented. Flights to Barcelona, ​​Milan, or Brussels are inexpensive compared to Paris, and the airplane plus rental car option is often profitable and offers multiple countries.

France Beach Weather

France has a temperate maritime climate, transitional to continental in the east, subtropical in the Mediterranean. Summer is quite hot (in July-August + 20… + 25 ° C). The best time to visit Paris in May and September-October and the French Riviera is June and September.

Corsica has a long and hot summer: from May to October + 21… + 27 ° C, on the mountain slopes the snow lies until June. The best months for a holiday in Corsica are May-June and September-October.

The first snow in the French Alps falls in late November and lasts until mid-May. Due to the mild climate, even in winter in valleys at an altitude of about 1,500 m, the temperature does not drop below -10 ° C. The best time for skiing begins in mid-February, when stable sunny weather sets in. The height of the snow cover, depending on the height of the terrain, ranges from 0.7 to 4 m.

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