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Sunny Beach is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Bulgaria. The region is known for its beautiful beaches, crystal clear waters, and stunning scenery. Sunny Beach is situated on the Black Sea coast and is a part of the Burgas Province. The region is home to some of the most popular beaches in Bulgaria, including Sunny Beach, Golden Sands, Elenite, Dunes, and more.

Sunny Beach is well-connected to the rest of Bulgaria and the world, with several international airports and highways passing through it.

The climate in Sunny Beach is moderate and sunny, with hot summers and mild winters. The average temperature in the region is about 20 degrees Celsius. Sunny Beach experiences a lot of rainfall, especially during May and June.

The economy of Sunny Beach is primarily dependent on tourism. The region is home to many hotels, resorts, guesthouses, and restaurants, which cater to the needs of tourists from all over the world. Many people are employed in the tourism industry in Sunny Beach. The region is also home to some manufacturing industries, which produce various goods and products for domestic and international markets.

The population of Sunny Beach is about 60,000, most of whom are of Bulgarian origin. The region is also home to several minorities, including Turks, Roma, Armenians, and russians. Sunny Beach region is a popular destination for both domestic and international tourists.

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