About Bulgaria

Welcoming Bulgaria offers tourists the best beaches of “their” Black Sea, great holidays with children, and budget ski tours.

Bulgaria and tourists from Russia have a long-standing, pre-perestroika friendship. And, I must say, the reasons for its occurrence – beautiful nature, an extensive “excursion”, the warm sea, and the hospitality of local residents – are still evident. At the same time, many hotels today have freshened up after renovation, service has improved and, of course, prices for tours have grown. But still, not so much that the country has become an expensive destination, inaccessible to “mass tourists”. So for a relatively inexpensive family vacation, especially with children, and equally inexpensive and high-quality treatment, many travelers now go to Bulgaria. Winter Bulgaria is quite suitable for beginner skiers without extra demands, as well as youth companies and families with children.

How to get to the Bulgaria

Bulgaria meets tourists at 4 international airports – in Sofia, Burgas, Plovdiv, and Varna, you can also get there by train, by sea or Danube, by bus or your own car.


Bulgaria Beach Weather

The climate of Bulgaria in the north and center of the country is continental, in the south it is transitional to the Mediterranean. It is generally cooler than other places in Europe at the same latitude. In winter, the average temperature in the mountains is about -5 ° C, but sometimes it can drop to -30 ° C. The thickness of the snow cover reaches 2 m.

The average temperature in July in Sofia is +16 … + 27 ° C, in Varna +19 … + 30 ° C. In summer, the water warms up to +21 … + 23 ° C.

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