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Glenelg Beach is located in Adelaide, South Australia. The beach stretches for 1.5 kilometers and is a popular spot for swimming, sunbathing, and surfing. The beach is also known for its restaurants and cafes, which offer views of the beach and the Adelaide skyline.

Glenelg is a beach-side suburb of Adelaide, South Australia. It is located in the City of Holdfast Bay, about 6 kilometers southwest of Adelaide's central business district, and is adjacent to the suburbs of Brighton, Seacliff, and Morphettville. At the 2006 census, Glenelg had a population of 5,051.

Glenelg is a popular tourist destination and a well-known South Australian holiday spot. It has a reputation for being a more relaxed and cheaper alternative to the full-service beaches at Brighton.

The traditional custodians of the land surrounding Glenelg are the indigenous Kaurna people. The Kaurna people were decimated by European colonization and by diseases such as smallpox, to which they had no immunity. The Kaurna population is estimated to have been around 10,000 at European settlement in 1836. The Kaurna name for the area was "Moiety Bora," which means "where the waters break."

The first Europeans to settle in the area were the surveyors and explorers, who arrived in South Australia in 1836. The surveyors named the place Glenelg, after the Scottish Isle of Islay, where the men were said to have originated.

In 1837, the first land was sold in Glenelg, and the following year the first hotel and shop were built here. 

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Beach infrastructure

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There are usually quite a few people on the Glenelg Beach from April to September.

Glenelg Beach Weather

The best time to relax on Glenelg Beach is a warm-season from December to March. However, even at this time, sea water still does not warm up to a comfortable temperature.

Air and water temperature

From November to March the air temperature at Glenelg Beach is perfect for sunbathing.

Water temperatures usually do not drop below 10 degrees during the whole year but remain quite cold.

Average Monthly Rainy Days

In July and August Glenelg Beach has rainy season. This is something to keep in mind when planning your trip since it is quite possible that you may be unable to sunbathe.

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How to get to the Glenelg

Fly to Adelaide International Airport (ADL). Next, take a bus to the Zone A / B Colley Tce – West Side stop (almost all city routes) or take a tram to Stop 17 Moseley Square.

Hotels near Glenelg

Glenelg Beach has the best selection of hotels in Adelaide. The minimum cost of a room is from the US $ 60 per night.

Things to do / Activities

It is a popular spot for swimming, sunbathing, and surfing. The beach is also great for fishing, with many people catching salmon, whiting, and mullet. There are also a few restaurants and cafes located close to the beach and a few shops.

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