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Bottle Beach Vacation & Travel Guide

Bottle Beach is located in the very north of Koh Phangan, in a secluded cove between two steep rocky shores. Getting to Bottle Beach is not so easy, so there are usually few people here, which is what the lucky ones rejoice in, who have been given full use of one of the most beautiful beaches of Koh Phangan.


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Bottle Beach Weather

The best time to visit Koh Phangan is January-March and July-September. It gets very hot in April, rains are possible in May-June, and November-December is the most season of the does. I wrote about the rainy season here. In summer, low tides are pronounced, especially on the southern and western shallow beaches. During this period of the year, it is better to choose the beaches of Thong Nai Pai or Bottle Beach for relaxation.

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How to get to the Bottle

Bottle Beach has its own marker on Google maps, and there is one on my map at the end of this post. There are three ways to get here:

  • by scooter to the beach
  • by scooter to the trail, and then on foot over the rocks
  • on the boat

On a scooter, you can easily get along the wide track to a nondescript exit onto a dirt road. The turn is marked on my map, as is the last stretch of flat dirt road, after which a serious test of your driving skills begins. And I categorically do not recommend taking risks on passenger cars – the front-wheel drive will not work.

Four-wheel drive only, hardcore only. Scooter drivers should not tempt fate either on dry stone chips and longitudinal gullies, downhill, and with sharp turns. Moreover, with a passenger or, God forbid, with children.

All inexperienced motorbikers and car drivers will have to walk along the trail with signs to Bottle Beach, and for reliability, it is strewn with plastic bottles along its entire length. It’s actually rubbish, but you can use it as a guide.

Trekking is quite simple, but out of habit, and in the heat, you can catch dehydration – stock up on water, just don’t throw the bottles along the way. The trail ends at Bottle Beach itself.

As you can imagine, the most cheating method is a taxi-boat, but it is also the most expensive. The price of the ferry will increase according to your distance from the endpoint, so I would suggest combining land and water transport. Get to the nearest nearby beach to Haad Khuad, where there is a human road, for example to Haad Thong Nai Pan Noi.

There, leave the transport and change to a taxi boat, which for 150-200 baht will take you to your destination without any adventure. Just keep in mind, you need several people, one for this amount will not be lucky.

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