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Aguadulce is a municipality in the province of Almería, in the autonomous community of Andalusia, southern Spain. It is located on the Mediterranean Sea, southeast of the Iberian Peninsula. The municipality covers an area of 75.6 square kilometers and, as of 2018, had a population of 21,992 inhabitants.

Aguadulce is a tourist destination due to its beaches, some of the busiest in the province. The municipality has many hotels and resorts. The Playa de los Genoveses is a Blue Flag beach.

The area around Aguadulce has been inhabited since the Bronze Age. The first settlers were the Phoenicians, who founded the city of Akra Leuke. The Romans also settled in the area and called the town Arunda. In the 8th century, the Moors arrived and renamed the town Aguadulce.

After the Reconquista, Aguadulce was annexed to the Kingdom of Castile. In the 16th century, it was a stopping point for ships traveling between the Americas and Spain.

Aguadulce was the site of a chemical factory that produced saltpeter, which was used to manufacture gunpowder. The factory was founded in 1804 by the Spanish government. The British later took it over and used it to produce saltpeter for their munitions during the Crimean War. The factory was destroyed in an explosion in 1856.

Aguadulce is the birthplace of the writer and Nobel laureate Vicente Aleixandre.

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The town is located on the Mediterranean Sea, in the gulf of Aguadulce, and has a coastline of 8 km. The beaches of Aguadulce are sandy and pebble.

Aguadulce's beaches are some of the busiest in Almería and are very popular with locals and tourists alike. During the peak summer months, the beaches can get quite crowded. However, there is still plenty of space to find a quiet spot to sunbathe or take a dip.

The water temperatures in Aguadulce are pretty warm, even in the cooler months of the year. In summer, the water can get up to 26ºC, making it perfect for swimming and enjoying the many water sports on offer.

Many bars, restaurants, and cafes are located along the promenade and on the beach itself, so you can easily find something to eat or drink while enjoying the views.

If you're looking for a place to enjoy some sun, sea, and sand, then Aguadulce's beaches are the perfect spot.

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