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Risco del Paso Beach Vacation & Travel Guide

Located on the southern coast of Fuerteventura, one of Spain's Canary Islands, lies a small town that tourists often overlook. Risco del Paso may be small but big on charm and natural beauty. The area is famed for its long stretches of white sandy beaches and crystal-clear turquoise waters that attract tourists worldwide.

The town boasts a unique blend of modern amenities and traditional Canarian culture, making it an ideal destination for travelers seeking an authentic experience. The locals are friendly and welcoming, making visitors feel at home from the moment they arrive.

The Importance of Risco del Paso for Tourists and Locals Alike

Risco del Paso has become a popular destination for tourists due to its beautiful beaches, warm climate, and range of activities available to visitors. However, the area also holds significant importance for locals who rely on tourism as one of the major industries in the region.

Despite being a relatively small town on Fuerteventura's southern coast, Risco del Paso plays an essential role in keeping up with the pace of tourism growth in recent years. It has helped fuel economic development across Fuerteventura while preserving local traditions and customs intrinsic to the Canarian culture.

Purpose of the Outline

This outline aims to provide readers with a detailed guide to Risco del Paso - uncovering what makes it a unique destination worth visiting. From exploring its history and culture to experiencing outdoor activities available throughout the area - we will take you on a journey through this hidden gem.

This guide will highlight the town's attractions, accommodations, dining options, travel tips, and environmental concerns. Whether you're a first-time visitor or a seasoned traveler, this guide will offer insider knowledge to make your stay in Risco del Paso an unforgettable experience.

Location and Geography

Description of the Location

Risco del Paso is a stunning tourist destination on the southern coast of Fuerteventura, one of the Canary Islands. The location boasts breathtaking views that stretch across the Atlantic Ocean, with Morocco's rugged coastline visible on clear days.

Risco del Paso is ideal for tourists who prefer a peaceful and relaxed beach atmosphere. This remote area has fewer crowds than famous beaches in Spain or Europe.

Topography and Landscape Features

Risco del Paso is characterized by its unique topography and stunning landscape features. The terrain in the area is predominantly flat, with a few hills providing a beautiful contrast against the blue sky backdrop.

The beach stretches for miles, and white dunes create an awe-inspiring sight. Moreover, several lagoons serve as habitats for wildlife species such as birds and fish.

The Rich History and Culture of Risco del Paso

Historical Significance of Risco del Paso

Risco del Paso Costa Calma has a rich historical background that dates back to ancient times. The place holds significance in the history of the Canary Islands as it served as a strategic location for trading routes.

The island was once inhabited by the Guanche people, who were indigenous to the Canary Islands. Risco del Paso was primarily used for farming and agriculture during this period due to its fertile soil.

During the 15th century, the Spanish conquered and colonized the Canary Islands, which led to significant changes in their culture and way of life. Over time, more settlers came to Risco del Paso, bringing new traditions and customs.

Cultural Influences on the Area

The cultural influences on Risco del Paso are diverse and fascinating. Due to its rich history as a trade route, many cultures have left their mark on this area over time.

This mix of cultures has resulted in a unique blend that characterizes contemporary life in this region. One significant cultural influence is Spain's impact on language, religion, architecture, music, and dance throughout the region. The Canarian people have also blended their culture with that of Africa due to its proximity.

The African influence can be seen through local music, such as Guba or Timples, and art displays around town. Another cultural influence is indigenous Guanche culture, which is still celebrated today through traditional festivals like Tigaday held yearly throughout La Palma Island. Many natives dress up in traditional costumes to celebrate their heritage.

Local Traditions, Customs & Celebrations

The inhabitants of Risco del Paso in Costa Calma are proud of their traditions which they celebrate year-round with colorful festivals full of music, dance, and food. One of the most famous festivals is the Carnival of Fuerteventura, where locals wear elaborate costumes and dance on the streets. The carnival takes place every February and lasts for several days.

Another popular celebration is the Day of the Canary Islands, commemorating the anniversary of the first official session of the Canary Islands Parliament held in 1983. This day celebrates Canarian culture with traditional music performances, displays of local cuisine, and fireworks.

In addition to these festivals, Risco del Paso also has more specific celebrations, such as the Day of Our Lady Of Light or La Bajada De Los Reyes, celebrated every January, where families come together to enjoy a feast along with traditional music and drinks marking the end to their Christmas season. These local traditions showcase the strong sense of community in Risco del Paso today.

Local Economy

Risco del Paso de Costa Calma has a diverse economy with various industries contributing to its growth. The tourism industry is the primary driver of the local economy, generating revenue and creating employment opportunities. The area's stunning beaches and water sports activities attract thousands of tourists every year, which helps generate revenue for local businesses.

Additionally, the construction industry plays a significant role in the local economy, with several new hotels and resorts being built in recent years to cater to the surge in tourism. This growth has created more jobs in construction and related industries and has led to increased investment in infrastructure projects such as roads, airports, and public transportation.

Major Industries Supporting the Economy

Tourism is the most significant contributor to Risco del Paso de Costa Calma's economy. Many hotel chains have invested heavily in this area due to its natural beauty and year-round warm climate. Another primary industry is fishing, as Risco del Paso Costa Calma has a rich marine environment that attracts anglers from around the world; this generates income for numerous small businesses operating out of Puerto de la Cruz.

Small Businesses Operating In Risco Del Paso

Despite being dominated by large hotel chains, many small businesses operate within Risco del Paso. These businesses include restaurants serving local cuisine; souvenir shops; surf stores; car rental agencies; diving schools offering lessons for beginners and advanced divers alike. Most of these small enterprises employ locals from nearby towns who are experts on what tourists want when visiting their town.

Additionally, many independent entrepreneurs provide services such as tour guides or private transportation services for visitors who require more personalized attention. This entrepreneurial spirit contributes to supporting the local economy and adds an element of authenticity that makes visiting Risco del Paso an unforgettable experience.

Environmental Concerns

Preserving Natural Resources

As a popular tourist destination, Risco del Paso has been working hard to preserve its natural resources. The local government and community have implemented several measures to protect the area's biodiversity and ecosystems. One such measure is the creation of protected areas, including the Jandía Natural Park and the Punta Pesebre Marine Reserve.

In addition, efforts have been made to reduce waste and promote sustainable practices. Recycling programs have been implemented throughout the town, and many businesses are trying to reduce their carbon footprint by using renewable energy sources or implementing energy-saving technologies.

Sustainable Tourism

Tourism has undoubtedly impacted Risco del Paso de Costa Calma's environment. However, efforts are being made to minimize this impact through sustainable tourism practices. One way this is done is through eco-tourism initiatives promoting responsible travel.

These initiatives focus on educating tourists about the local environment and culture while encouraging them to minimize their impact on the area's natural resources. For example, visitors are encouraged to use public transportation instead of rental cars when possible or to bring reusable water bottles instead of purchasing single-use plastic bottles.

Protecting Marine Life

The marine ecosystem surrounding Risco del Paso de Costa Calma is home to various plant and animal life, including endangered species such as sea turtles and monk seals. Efforts have been made to protect these animals from human activity that could harm them.

One such effort is establishing protected areas like Punta Pesebre Marine Reserve mentioned earlier in this article, which allow for regulated activities like recreational diving or snorkeling while minimizing damage caused by unregulated activity like fishing with large nets or anchors dragging along reefs. Tourists visiting Risco del Paso de Costa Calma can do their part by respecting these protected areas and being mindful of their impact on the marine ecosystem.


Risco del Paso de Costa Calma offers visitors an unforgettable vacation experience with its stunning beaches, exciting water sports activities, and picturesque hiking trails. Whether you're looking for adventure or relaxation, this destination has something for everyone. While getting lost in the natural beauty of Risco del Paso de Costa Calma is easy, visitors must remain mindful of their environmental impact on the area.

By following responsible tourism practices such as reducing waste and supporting local businesses, visitors can help preserve the natural resources that make this destination unique. Overall, Risco del Paso de Costa Calma is a must-visit for any traveler looking for an authentic and memorable vacation experience in the Canary Islands.

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Beach infrastructure

Beach Loungers


There are usually quite a few people on the Risco del Paso in January and in November and October.

Risco del Paso Beach Weather

The climate in Risco del Paso tends to be sunny throughout the year due to its location close to Africa's western coast. The average annual temperature ranges from 25°C during summers to 20°C during winters.

The sea breeze provides a cooling effect throughout most of the year, making it comfortable for tourists to enjoy outdoor activities such as swimming or hiking. Although rainfalls are rare in this area, occasional showers can occur between December and February.

Risco del Paso's unique geography makes it an ideal vacation destination for tourists who enjoy exploring nature's wonders while relaxing on pristine beaches with fewer crowds than other popular European destinations. Its warm climate, stunning landscape features, and clear waters make it perfect for outdoor activities throughout the year.

Air and water temperature

From June to October the air temperature at Risco del Paso is perfect for sunbathing.

The swimming season at Risco del Paso occurs from August to October, when the water is warm and comfortable for swimming.

Average Monthly Rainy Days

Risco del Paso rarely experiences rain from April to September. Generally, the weather is good.

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Equipment for rent



Equipment for rent

How to get to the Risco del Paso

The easiest way to reach Risco del Paso de Costa Calma is by flying into Fuerteventura Airport, approximately 65 kilometers away. Visitors can rent a car or take a taxi or bus to their Risco del Paso de Costa Calma accommodations.

Taxis are readily available at the airport but can be expensive for long distances. Buses are an affordable option but may not run as frequently.

For those who prefer driving themselves, it's important to note that roads in Risco del Paso de Costa Calma can be narrow and winding, so it's essential to exercise caution while driving. However, renting a car gives visitors more freedom and flexibility when exploring the area.


Traditional Canarian dishes heavily influence the cuisine in Risco del Paso de Costa Calma. Visitors can expect fresh seafood, grilled meats, stews, and various vegetable dishes on menus throughout the area.

One highly recommended restaurant is Restaurante Casa Vieja. This restaurant features traditional Canarian cuisine emphasizing fresh ingredients sourced from local farms.

The menu changes seasonally depending on available ingredients but always includes popular dishes such as papas arrugadas (wrinkled potatoes) served with mojo sauce. Another notable option is El Patio de Lajares.

This restaurant prides itself on using locally sourced ingredients to create dishes that showcase the region's flavors. The menu includes grilled octopus with yucca mash or black rice paella made with squid ink.

For visitors seeking a more casual dining experience, there are plenty of cafes and tapas bars throughout the area. These establishments offer tiny plates of traditional Canarian dishes and drinks, such as local wines and cocktails like the island-inspired "mojito de hierbas." Some recommended options include El Bar Torino and Cafe Berlin.

Hotels near Risco del Paso

Risco del Paso de Costa Calma is a popular tourist destination, so plenty of accommodations are available for visitors. The area offers something for every budget, from luxury hotels to affordable apartments.

The region has several five-star hotels for those seeking a luxurious stay. These hotels offer top-of-the-line amenities like infinity pools, private beach access, and fine dining restaurants.

Some popular options include the Gran Hotel Atlantis Bahía Real and Hotel Fuerteventura Princess. For visitors looking for more affordable options, plenty of apartments and bed and breakfasts are available for rent.

These accommodations offer a more local experience with easy access to nearby cafes and eateries. Some recommended options include Sol Beach House at Meliá Fuerteventura and Sunrise Costa Calma Beach Resort.

Things to do / Activities

Risco del Paso offers much to nature lovers and adventure seekers. The area boasts several beautiful beaches that attract tourists from all over the world.

The most famous beach in the area is Sotavento Beach, a long stretch of golden sand that attracts windsurfers and kitesurfers due to the steady wind conditions. Other famous beaches include Esquinzo Beach and Playa de Costa Calma, both known for their crystal-clear waters and stunning scenery.

Beaches in Risco del Paso

Sotavento Beach is located at the southernmost point of Risco del Paso, and it's an ideal destination for those looking to soak up some sun or try out some water sports. The beach stretches 9 km along the coast, offering plenty of space for everyone. Besides swimming or sunbathing on the sparkling white sand, visitors can try wind- or kitesurfing under the guidance of professionals.

Esquinzo Beach is located north of Sotavento Beach and has a more secluded atmosphere than its famous neighbor. The beach features soft dunes surrounded by turquoise waters that entice visitors to dip in its refreshing waves.

It's also perfect for those who enjoy long walks on the shore, as it's possible to walk along this idyllic place almost uninterrupted. Playa de Costa Calma is situated in front of one of the largest hotel complexes on Fuerteventura island, which makes it easily accessible from hotels nearby.

Despite being close to civilization, this long beach feels remote due to its natural beauty. Playa de Costa Calma offers calm waters ideal for swimming and excellent conditions for windsurfing beginners.

Water sports activities available

Wind and kite surfing are the most popular water sports activities in Risco del Paso de Costa Calma due to the excellent wind conditions almost year-round. The wind speed ranges from 15 to 25 knots between April and October, making it an ideal destination for intermediate and experienced surfers. Additionally, stand-up paddleboarding, kayaking, and snorkeling are other water sports options available at the beaches in the area.

Hiking trails in the area

Risco del Paso de Costa Calma is a natural paradise with several hiking trails that allow visitors to experience its breathtaking scenery up close. Pico de la Zarza is among the best hikes, offering panoramic views of Jandía Natural Park. The trail leads you through pine forests and volcanic landscapes until you reach the highest peak on Fuerteventura island.

Another favorite among hikers is Montaña Cardón; it's a short but rewarding hike with stunning views over Costa Calma and Sotavento Beach. Risco del Paso offers many attractions and activities for those looking for a more active holiday or to relax under the sun surrounded by natural beauty.

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