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Cala Antena Beach Vacation & Travel Guide

Cala Antena is a secluded beach located on the east coast of Mallorca. The beach is only accessible on foot, and it takes about an hour to walk there from the nearest town. The beach is well-known for its turquoise water and dramatic cliffs.

The beach is a popular spot for cliff jumping, and there are several spots where you can jump into the water. The cliffs range in height from 10 to 20 meters. The beach is also an excellent spot for swimming, sunbathing, and snorkeling.

Cala Antena is a beautiful and secluded beach worth the hike to get there. The beach is perfect for those looking for a quiet and peaceful beach to relax and enjoy the stunning views.

This is an excellent place for hiking and swimming. You can easily spend a whole day at the beach. The beach is also a perfect spot for cliff jumping, so if you are looking for a fun activity to do in Mallorca, then this is the beach for you.

Cala Antena is located on the east coast of Mallorca, near the town of Felanitx.

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There are usually quite a few people on the Cala Antena from November to April.

Air and water temperature

From June to September the air temperature at Cala Antena is perfect for sunbathing. The swimming season at Cala Antena occurs from July to September, when the water is warm and comfortable for swimming.

Average Monthly Rainy Days

Cala Antena rarely experiences rain in July. Generally, the weather is good.

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