Playa del Albir

The Playa del Albir is a beach at the foot of the Albir del Mar cliffs in the town of La Herradura, southeastern Spain. The beach has a length of about 2 km and is some 50 meters in width. It is surrounded by a pine forest and dunes.

Playa del Albir is a beach on the Mediterranean Coast, in the municipality of Castellón. Playa del Albir has many amenities, including a buffet, a beach bar, and a restaurant. In the summer, the beach is popular with locals and tourists.

Many of the holidaymakers loved these places so much that they could not go home, having formed the main population of Albir. Therefore, it is also one of the most “European” cities in Spain.

Albir is an incredibly calm, cozy city, ideal for family life with children. People of the age will also like it here, amazing nature, healthy air, and lack of industry have turned this place into a wonderful resort.

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It's a beautiful promenade along the beach with palm trees, and you can lie in the sun in a rented sunbed.
However, it's not easy to take a bath in the sea. The shore and the bottom are full of pebbles, so you need help to get out of the water, your feet just sink deeper and deeper into the small stones.
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Albir is a great place for a holiday! It is spotless everywhere you go, LOADS of shops and restaurants, they have a really good Sunday market on with loads of bargains!!!

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By bus

At Benidorm station – Av. Ametlla de Mar take bus 031. The journey takes 17 minutes. The fare is 1–5 EUR. Distance 7 km.

By taxi

Take a taxi for 10 minutes from Benidorm to Playa del Albir. Distance 8 km. Taxi cost approximately 11-14 EUR

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The climate in Albir is mild, due to the fact that the city is located in a cozy bay, it is calm and calm almost all the time. The temperature in summer is kept at around + 35-40 ° C, in winter the thermometer drops to 17 ° C.

The water temperature during the holiday season rises to 26 ° C, you can swim until October, in the fall the sea warms up to 22-23 ° C. Cooling begins only from the second week of November.

The winter is mild, practically without rain, you can not even remember about hats and warm jackets.

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