Macau Beach is one of the most beautiful and comfortable for swimming in the entire Dominican Republic. It is located in the vicinity of Punta Cana, just 7 minutes’ drive from another famous beach, Bavaro. However, the two coastal zones are very different from each other. The thing is that Macau is considered almost the last wild beach in the whole republic. It does not belong to any of the hotels. The coast itself and the surrounding area are very picturesque. This is one of those places that proves that nature is the most talented builder and artist. But words will not convey all the beauty – you just need to come here and see with your own eyes. There is no coral reef that obstructs the waves, so the beach is an attraction for surfers.

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Beautiful beach with beautiful sand and waves.
There are stray dogs here and one of them tried to bite me.
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Clean and warm water. White sand. Spectacular view. Total relaxation time. Natural life.

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Public transport in the Dominican Republic is not doing very well. But you can get to Macau Beach in other ways.

  1. By car. In 2013, new comfortable roads were opened in the Dominican Republic. Route 105 leads from Punta Cana city center to Macau Beach. The journey will take about 30 minutes. There are few chances to accidentally turn in the wrong direction because there are a lot of signs on the road that will not allow you to go astray.
  2. By taxi or transfer. You can use local services Getteansfer or Dominican Atlantic Transfers. This option of movement will be quite costly, but comfortable.

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The Dominican Republic has a subtropical climate, humid throughout the year. The northeast winds bring freshness, so the heat on the coast is easily tolerated. In the mountains, the altitudinal zonation becomes an additional factor in the formation of the climate, but it is poorly developed, the temperature drops are low.

The rainy season in the Dominican Republic begins in late spring and mostly ends in September. During this period, showers are frequent but always end quickly, so resorts and beaches remain open.

Short showers are also possible at the beginning of the dry season. The most favorable weather in the Dominican Republic is from December to April.

The water temperature in the resorts of the Dominican Republic is higher than +26 ° С all year round. During the day at the resorts, it is steadily warmer than +25 ° С, at night from +20 ° С. Annual precipitation ranges from 1000 to 2000 mm.

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