Navagio (Shipwreck) Beach

Navagio (Shipwreck) Beach Vacation & Travel Guide

The Shipwreck Beach, also known as Navagio Beach, is a beach on the Ionian island of Zakynthos. It is located on the island's north shore, in the Municipality of Zakynthos. The beach is famous for the shipwreck of the Panagiotis, which lies on the sand. 

The Panagiotis was a smuggler shipwrecked on the beach on September 26, 1980. The wreck is now a popular tourist attraction. The beach can only be accessed by boat. 

Shipwreck Beach is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. It has been featured in numerous magazines and travel guides.

The Shipwreck Beach is located on the north shore of Zakynthos, on the western side of the island. It is one of the most popular beaches on the island, as it is easily accessible by boat. The beach is part of the Navagio Beach National Marine Park, named after it.

The Shipwreck Beach is located between two headlands, with steep clay cliffs reaching high. The beach is considered in a perfect state compared to other beaches in the area. The beach is roughly long and wide. It is primarily sandy, with many rock formations and shipwrecks. The beach is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

The Shipwreck Beach is located close to other beaches on the island, such as the Blue Caves, which are located to the north, and the Butterfly Beach, which is located to the south.

The beach was formed by waves that cut into the cliff after the grounding of the Panagiotis. There is a small cave on the cliff, open on the seaside.

The wreck of the Panagiotis lies on the beach. It is accessible by boat and has been a tourist attraction since the 1980s. The wreck was built in Yugoslavia in the 1950s. It was a smuggler ship that was carrying contraband from Yugoslavia to Italy. On September 26, 1980, the shipwrecked on the beach with a load of contraband. The authorities inspected the cargo on the beach, and it was found that the contraband was cigarettes, alcohol, and electronics. The captain of the ship was arrested. Locals dismantled the ship in the following years. The ship's captain was released from jail in the 1990s.

The Shipwreck Beach is part of the Navagio Beach National Marine Park. It was established in 1991. The park is named after the beach. The park was established to protect the coast, surrounding area, and the shipwreck. The park is located within the more expansive Zakynthos Marine Park, which covers the waters around the island.

Navagio (Shipwreck) Beach Weather

Zakynthos is the top ten greenest islands in Greece; its picturesque mountainous terrain is dense vegetation. At the same time, oddly enough, there is not a single river on the island. The secret of the abundance of greenery is in the porous rock that can accumulate moisture, so many natural artesian springs feed the fertile soil. The aquifers are rich in valuable minerals. Interestingly, there was a mineral lake on the island in ancient times, the bottom of which was covered with natural bitumen. This substance was exported to Athens for waterproof treatment of the hulls of warships of the ancient Greek fleet.

The ecological situation in Zakynthos is impeccable. There are no industrial enterprises here. The exceptions are edible olive oil factory and distillery. However, these industries do not harm the environment.

The island of Zakynthos has a temperate Mediterranean climate. The impartial meteorologists of the European Union recognized the local climatic conditions as the mildest in all of Greece - both among the continental regions and in various island parts of the country. In winter, it is warm on the island of Zakynthos: in January, during the day, it is usually about +11 ... + 15 ° С, while at night the thermometer is unlikely to show less than +5 ° С. This is the period of rains and thunderstorms. Frosts are rare here, and snow is perceived as a natural phenomenon.

In late April and early May, the island begins to receive guests. The air warms up during the day to +22 ... + 25 ° С, and coastal waters - up to +18 ... + 20 ° С. Zakynthos is quite comfortable in summer: the daytime air temperature hovers around +30 ° C. The tourist season here lasts until October inclusive.

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