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Balos beach in Greece is a long stretch of sand on the island of Crete, just south of Ierapetra. The sea is very shallow, which makes it great for children.

Balos beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Crete and, at the same time, one of the most inaccessible. The beach is located in a unique place – it is here that three seas meet: Ionian, Aegean, and Libyan. Swimming in Balos, it is difficult to determine which sea you are swimming now, but the number of blue shades and the water’s purity is simply amazing. There are the snow-white sand and a small bay just made for kids.

Sun loungers and umbrellas appeared on the Balos beach not so long ago. Still, there are no various services for renting water equipment and other entertainments so that nothing will disturb a relaxing holiday.

The Balos Lagoon is approximately 56 km away Northwest of Chania and 17 km Northwest of Kissamos, between Cape Gramvousa and the small Cape Tyagi. There is no normal road to the beach, but you can still get here by car. But it is better to go as part of an excursion to the island of Gramvousa. There is another path – a walking route that takes about three hours, from Kaliviani crossing the wild and dry landscape of Mas Gramvousa. You can see the sights along the way.

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Balos Beach Weather

Balos has the semi-arid climate prevailing. It is warm to hot all year round and trees don’t grow here because of the drought. It consists mainly of sand with grasses and sometimes shrubs. The average annual temperature for Balos is 38° degrees and there is about 61 mm of rain in a year. It is dry for 319 days a year with an average humidity of 23% and a UV-index of 8.

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How to get to the Balos

The starting point from which sea transport goes to Balos Bay is the port of Kissamos, located 3.5 km from the town of the same name. Even closer to the port is the village of Trachilos (0.5 km), so if you get to the port on your own, buy a ticket to Trachilos. From Chania to Trachilos can be reached by bus, travel time is about 1 hour, the ticket price is about € 6-7.

When planning to travel by sea on your own, keep in mind that ships leave for Balos only in season and only in the morning, starting at 10:00. The ticket price is from € 27, the trip will take about 1 hour. As a rule, the sea voyage program includes a tour of the Imeri-Gramvousa island.

The most convenient way is to book a sea excursion to the Balos lagoon in Crete (Greece) from a tour operator. The trip includes:

  • bus transfer from the hotel to the port of Kissamos;
  • the sea ​​voyage to Balos;
  • excursion program;
  • beach vacation;
  • return by sea to the port of Kissamos;
  • the bus ride to your hotel.

Usually, the duration of such an excursion is the whole day. The cost will depend on the place of your stay, the prices of the tour operator, the excursion program. The minimum price – from € 50. In the cities of Cyprus, too far from Kissamos (Heraklion and beyond), such excursions are not offered.

For wealthy people, there is an opportunity to rent a boat and go to Balos Bay (Greece) without being tied to the schedule of sea voyages. Renting a boat will cost from € 150. For lovers of solitude, this is a great opportunity to visit the bay before the arrival of tourists who come by boat. The disadvantages of traveling by sea include the lack of impressive views of the bay, which opens when approaching it from the mountain. But, having arrived at the beach, you can climb to the observation deck of Cape Tigani and catch up.


Balos beach does not offer any entertainment, but it is not needed. People come here to enjoy swimming in the warm azure water of the lagoon, to capture the pristine beauty of exotic nature in memory and in photos. This is the best vacation for relaxation and tranquility.

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