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Consistently correct Germany is solid cuisine, excellent service in hotels, and well-groomed cities.

Germany is too different to be able to list all its main advantages (and disadvantages too) just like that. But we will try. A really huge, very varied excursion program is ain. Neat hotels for every taste and prosperity are Zwai. A bunch of shops and shopping centers where you can make good purchases is dry. Beach holidays on the Baltic seaside with its cool mild climate, rural relaxation on the lakes of Bavaria, and health improvement in Baden-Baden are fir, fun, and zeks, respectively. Let’s not forget about traditionally high-quality education in Germany. Well, German gastronomy, as well as wine and beer, we deliberately leave out of brackets: there is no dispute about tastes. But everyone we asked liked them very much.

Winter Germany is a separate topic. German ski resorts have well-groomed trails with good après ski as expected. Another thing is that the pros will hardly be interested there: there are almost no difficult descents. As there is no funky entertainment – so hyperactive ski youth should consider other options.

Beach Weather

The climate in the country is moderate, in the north it is maritime, in the rest of the territory it is transitional from maritime to continental. The weather is often changeable, in the middle of summer there can be sudden cold snaps, and in January there are almost spring thaws. Due to low pressure in winter, the temperature is kept in the range from -4 ° C to 0 ° C, but in some places, it can drop to -20 ° C. The average temperature of the coldest month, January, is −3 … + 2 ° C, colder is only high in the mountains on the southern border: −6 …- 10 ° C. The average temperature in July is +16 … + 20 ° C. It rains mainly in autumn and winter. Summer in Germany is not hot, so a visit to the country will be ideal for those who do not tolerate the heat. You should definitely take an umbrella with you – drizzling rains are possible.

In Berlin in winter, temperatures usually stay above +2 … + 3 ° C. Snow rarely falls and does not last long. Snowy Christmas is rare here. See the weather forecast for the main cities of Germany for the coming days here.

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