What to take from Portugal?

Portuguese pottery

Why should you buy it?

This is an unusual gift for connoisseurs of beautiful sets, as they are very unusual and beautiful. Many of the Portuguese factories that produce these services are recognized in popular Portuguese restaurants, which in the opinion of the editors gives a guarantee of quality.

Factory Bordello Pinheiro makes very beautiful and fabulous by design dishes, the feeling like this dish is taken from a children's tale. At the bottom of each dish is printed a little frog, which is the mascot of the product.

The factory Vista Allegro is one of the oldest porcelain factories in Portugal. It has been in operation since 1824. The design is more understated, with light shades and fabulous designs throughout the tableware.

Costa Nova factory has gained international recognition for its quality lightweight ceramic tableware, which is recognized by the best restaurants in Portugal. It is this factory that can be recommended for long term use.

Where to buy it?

It is best to buy in reputable stores, where there is not the slightest chance of falling for a fake.

Cork products

Why should you buy it?

There are no better cork masters than in Portugal, in this country, they make absolutely everything from it: paintings, bags, wallets, purses, hats, umbrellas, coasters, etc. At the moment, popular clothing brands are starting to make chic things out of cork, which is not inferior to leather in quality.

Portuguese gold and jewelry

Why should you buy it?

Portugal has one of the highest proofs of gold in Europe, namely 800 proof. Which means a high capacity of the precious metal. From Portugal, you can bring unique jewelry, the style, and traditions of which have not changed for hundreds of years.
The most popular jewelry made in Portugal. It is lace made of gold. They often have themes: nature, religion, and the sea. That is why very often you can find different ships, leaves, crosses, etc. on them.

Hygiene products

Why should you buy it?

Most of what is produced in Portugal is made by ancient technology, hygiene products are no exception. For example, Claus Porto soap is very popular on the foreign market, and in 2018 it opened its first store outside the country.

There is also a toothpaste brand Couto, this toothpaste has been produced since 1932 according to a recipe that has not changed since those very years.  It has antiseptic properties and neutralizes inflammation. You can find all of this in small shops or brand-name stores.

Alcoholic drinks

Why should you buy it?

Portugal is also world-famous for its port wine. It is made in the north of the country from grapes that grow in the fertile Douro River valley. Port wine is sold in all sorts of ways, from vintage to young. You can buy port both in supermarkets and specialty stores. The price for port starts at 20 euros and up for a bottle. It is impossible not to mention Madeira wine, which is produced on the island of the same name. The price of such wine depends on the age and year of aging and grape variety, the minimum price starts from 13 euros per bottle. 

At the moment, the green Portuguese wine "Verde" is gaining popularity. It is quite easy to drink, but it is as intoxicating as ordinary wine. This wine goes well with seafood and meat. I advise everyone to buy a bottle of this wine, because it does not have analogues anywhere.


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