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While we tend to think that a blanket and a swimsuit are enough for relaxing in a reservoir, the list of necessities goes well beyond a primitive set. Remember that the beach is a public place, so you should protect your skin with antibacterial creams. Although you may be planning to get away from people, you need to fill your bag or backpack with water and other accessories that will help you make the most of your time at the beach.

What you need for the beach includes:

  1. Quite large blanket.
  2. The bathing suit.
  3. The towel.
  4. A sunblock.
  5. Helmets.
  6. An inflatable mattress.
  7. The beach shoes.
  8. An antiseptic.
  9. Spray for insects.
  10. Eyeglasses.

Plaids and swimsuits

When picking a blanket, you can take any option: from an old unneeded blanket to a beach straw rug. The second is conveniently folded up into a purse or a roll. It is best to use dense fabrics in the bedding so that small stones are not felt while sunbathing. It is better to take a blanket decision "with a margin" so that there is room for the entire company.

Bathing suits should be nice, comfortable, and quick to dry. It is best to bring an extra kit so that you can change into dry and comfortable beachwear at any time.

what to take on the beach


The towel

Due to the great contrast between body temperature and air temperature after leaving the water, the body under the influence of the wind is given hypothermia and becomes extremely sensitive to external influences. If possible, take a towel instead of the long wait for self-drying, which causes the skin to become chapped and peel.

UV protection

As much as you love to sunbathe, sunscreen has not been banned. In the presence of ultraviolet rays, skin photoaging occurs, leading to photodermatitis and other unpleasant effects. For prevention, use sunscreens, the action of which is meant to:

  • Warning of sunburn;
  • Hydration of the skin;
  • Preventing pigmentation;
  • Against aging;
  • Removing irritations;
  • Improves the protective properties of the skin.

sun protect


An hat

Straw hats and caps with visors are stylish and useful, because prolonged exposure to the sun can lead to dizziness and sunstroke. It is not too late to put a hat in your bag, but rather to walk straight into it, because it is fashionable and beautiful.

An inflatable mattress

The beach fashion trend is bright air mattresses. They can take on the most bizarre shapes, such as hamburgers and berry cocktails. In addition, the more creative the design, the more spectacular you will appear on the beach. It can be used for bedding on the shoreline or for swimming near the water surface. You can also have fun with your friends by coming up with different games to play.



The beach shoes

It's not safe to walk barefoot on the sand, and it's a waste to wear regular shoes. This business cannot exist without flip flops - another bright summer symbol. They are available in all colors of the rainbow and are inexpensive. It is not scary to get dirty in the sand, it is easy to wash with soap, and it can be dried in the sun in just a few minutes.

An antiseptic

The use of antiseptics on the beach is not just pertinent this summer; we always recommend taking them. By using an alcohol-based antibacterial agent, you can:

  • Disinfect hands before consuming food;
  • Take care of wounds and scratches;
  • First aid for sunburn is provided.


Spray for insects

Despite the heat, everyone gets bitten by insects. If mosquitoes attack during the evening, then flies, ants, and wasps remain the most common daytime threats. They aren't so attracted to you as much as to the goodies in your bag. A large number of insects can disrupt your rest, so pick up a repellent and drink some watermelon and kvass peacefully.


Sunglasses shield the eyes from sunlight and ultraviolet rays, which can damage the cornea and retina of the eyes, which eventually causes serious illnesses, which ultimately cause loss of sight. Sunglasses can eliminate 97% of harmful radiation and protect against the glare of the sun. A dimming effect provides useful functions and a stylish appearance with polarized glass.



What else could be helpful

When on the beach, drinking water must be taken with a reserve - it will prevent overheating and loss of moisture. You may also find the following useful:

  • Hydrating lip balm;
  • The minimum set of first aid kits;
  • Water shoes;
  • Pump dispenser;
  • Goggles for swimming;
  • Dive kit;
  • Mobile charger;
  • An umbrella for the beach.

If you go to the beach, you are likely to enjoy the scenery and the birdsong, but most likely you will just listen to the neighbor's conversations. You can fully immerse yourself in a relaxing atmosphere with a set of headphones or a book, and if you just wish to relax, volleyball, badminton, cards and a variety of board games will do the trick.


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