Beaches to Escape the Chaos Near Lisbon

Sometimes when we take a vacation trip and go through all those attractions we planned to visit, we end up exhausted and almost tired of being on the road. After a few days, this feeling of wanting to return home floods our thoughts, provoking an eagerness to leave, even though there is nothing that the sea does not solve, so in any city, you go to, and especially if you are passing through Lisbon, do not get discouraged and escape for a few hours to the beach to renew your energy and connect with your "inner self", the same one that before taking the flight was eager to go and discover a new place.

To get to the beaches that I mention below, I recommend renting a car in Lisbon, as this way you can move around as you please and without thinking about the difficulties that public transport can bring. In the same way, if you are looking for a comfortable, economic and reliable option, I personally recommend renting it with Miles Car Rental, a comparison company that offers excellent benefits to its customers and has a very good reputation in Europe.

Tamariz Beach

This sensational beach located in front of the castle Fuerte de la Cruz is one of the most visited for its cleanliness and for having spaces to enjoy different dishes of European gastronomy, but especially for its exquisite paella and refreshing drinks. It is 38 minutes from the Portuguese capital, has natural pools that have been built with the same stones of the place, and is ideal for a bike ride, skates, or simply walk while enjoying the immensity of the sea.

Carcavelos Beach

With fine golden sands and clear waters, Carcavelos in Cascais permanently delights residents and tourists alike. It has a wide promenade with shops suitable for escaping from the sun while enjoying a refreshing drink or simply to have a delicious lunch.

The best time to visit is in autumn when the number of visitors has decreased and you can enjoy a good space to settle in. There you can rent umbrellas or awnings where resting will be the perfect plan. And don't worry about the price of parking if you don't have a problem with parking in the countryside, as it's free there.

Adraga Beach

Only 47 minutes away from the center of Lisbon, you can reach this beach, considered to be one of the most beautiful in Sintra and in Portugal, by the A5 road. If you rented your car in Lisbon, it is important to know that during the journey you will find some tools that can be charged to your credit card or that you will have to pay personally. When you arrive at your destination you will find a place with big waves, which are suitable for surfers. You can also make an expedition to the nearby caves, although it is pertinent to inquire about the possibility of doing so because sometimes the passage is restricted due to the fact that the caves are the target of research by speleologists.

Troia Beach

One of the best routes you can take in your car is from Lisbon to Troia beach. It will take you about two hours, but the road is spectacular, so it's worth traveling there to enjoy a quiet place and breathe fresh air. You will find beautiful landscapes and a very calm atmosphere, ideal to spend a time of serenity during your vacation. If you visit it with children it will also be very appropriate as its waters have few waves. You can make an excursion to see dolphins or simply take a sunbath on the sand.

Beach Areia Branca

This beach is undoubtedly one of the best tropical attractions to visit, as it has a blue flag, the insignia that guarantees you a clean beach, and offers all the necessary services to enjoy your stay there comfortably and safely. Besides, it is a famous place for hosting surfers and allowing them to practice bodyboard. You won't want to miss it, because the sunsets there are like a movie.

If you've decided to visit Portugal and its capital, going to the beaches will be the best way to recharge your batteries and come home refreshed and start planning your next trip.


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