5 Most Spectacular Beaches in Portugal

Portugal is a wonderful country that is worth knowing for several reasons. One of them, no doubt, has to do with its beautiful beaches, some of which are among the best in the old continent.

In this article, I am going to tell you about 5 spectacular beaches that you should write down if you want to enjoy a unique experience. All of them have something that will make you want to come back one day.

Praia do Baleal. Peniche

It is in the Peninsula of Peniche and does not go unnoticed, even though it is not one of those kilometric beaches that can be seen from afar. It has fine white sand and is highly recommended for water sports such as surfing or bodyboarding. Besides, it is also usual to come across lovers of sport fishing.

Praia da Adraga. Sintra

About half an hour from Lisbon, crouched between the hills of Sintra, this elephant-trunk-shaped beach shines with its crystal clear waters and the beauty of its surroundings. There are rocks, caves, and tunnels, so the experience can be complete if you're adventurous enough not to settle for a simple walk along the shore.

Praia de Benagil. Algarve

It is one of the hidden beaches that are scattered around the world, which by the way are not many. It is located in one of the most beautiful areas of the Algarve and that makes it even more special. There is the most incredible cave in all of Portugal, more than anything else because you can swim in it while the sun caresses you.

Praia da Senhora da Rocha. Algarve

Tranquility is the predominant note in this beach of crystalline waters that are surrounded by caves. In its western part, there is a rocky point that establishes the separation between Praia da Senhora da Roche and Praia Nova. It is precisely at this point where there is a curious chapel dedicated to Senhora da Rocha. It was built in the 14th century with the aim of sheltering an image that was found precisely there. In the vicinity, you can enjoy privileged views thanks to the viewpoint that has been set up for the delight of tourists.

Praia do Nazaré. Nazaré

I could not leave a beach like this one, as it has set the record for the largest wave in history. Nothing more and nothing less than 24.38 meters to enter the Guinness Book of Records with Brazilian Rodrigo Koxa, a 28-year-old surfer who achieved the never seen before on November 8, 2017. Leaving aside the fact that it's a perfect beach for the most expert surfers, it must be said that a good part of this sand is of calm waters that allow the family to take a bath.

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