4 Most Exotic Beaches in the World

Going to some of the most exotic beaches in the world is a luxury we should all have some time. Today we are going to visit four of these paradisiacal and incredible places where you feel like getting lost, and where it is possible to enjoy the crystalline waters and the sun of these paradises.

Lanikai Beach. Hawaii

We begin this review with Lanikai Beach, located in Kailua, on the east coast of Oahu (Hawaii). It is considered one of the best beaches in the world, even though it is only 800 meters long. It is a place where the sun, an ideal temperature, and a paradisiacal landscape meet. During the week it's usually a rather lonely place although on weekends it receives quite a few visitors. This enclave is one of the favorites to contemplate the moon over the islets Nā Mokulua.

Honopu. Hawaii

We are still in Hawaii, which has some of the most beautiful and exotic beaches in the world. This example is a good proof of it. This is Honopu beach, a remote place that can only be reached by swimming from a boat anchored in the high sea, as they are not allowed to access the coast. You can also do it through trails, only for experienced tourists. The arch of the rock is about 27 meters high and the beach is known as "La Catedral".

Anse Source d'Argent. Seychelles

White sand beach and crystal clear waters located in La Digue, one of the most beautiful Seychelles islands. Vanilla and coconut plantations and the typical trees of the area surround this beach, framed by granite rock formations.

Pfeiffer. California

In Southern California, in the United States, we find this wonderful purple sand scenario. Pfeiffer Beach is a virgin beach with sand that takes on this shade due to manganese. It is frequented by lovers of the south because of the quality of its waves.

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