3 Beaches that will Take Your Breath Away

Europe, Africa, and Asia are the continents where the three beaches I want to show you in this article are located. All three are spectacular, so I recommend you to visit them if you have the opportunity to do so.

Palombaggia Beach (Corsica)

In Corsica, France, the tourists have it clear when choosing a sandy area in which to enjoy a spectacular landscape. This is a cove located in Porto Vecchio that reflects the beauty that can be found on the Mediterranean coast. In addition, it is quite close to the Natural Reserve of the Cerbicale Islands, where there are numerous species of sea birds that are worth seeing. I recommend you to go to the southern part, which is usually less crowded than the northern part of the high season.


Matemwe Beach (Zanzibar)

In Africa, there is one of the best beaches in the world without discussion. As it could not be otherwise, we find it in Zanzibar, the most touristic area of Tanzania and one of the most visited in the whole continent. Palm trees and hundreds of meters of white sand await you is a small paradise where you can go after climbing the almost 6,000 meters that measure Mount Kilimanjaro. You will love to relax in its crystalline waters.

Ko Similan Beach (Thailand)

Despite the fact that overcrowding is threatening to wipe out tourism in Thailand, there are still places that remain in a fairly unspoiled state. Ko Similan is no longer what it used to be, but it is still one of the must-see places for those who travel to the country. It is in the Similan Islands, near Phuket, and stands out for both its coral reefs and the disparate shaped rocks that are immersed in its turquoise waters.

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