Whitehaven Beach on Whitsunday Island is one of the best beaches in Australia. The problem of low tides, which is the curse of the entire Whitsunday coast, here, on the contrary, leads to a spectacular exposure of the sandy bottom, which looks so beautiful from a height.

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Amazing beautiful beach with pure white sand and blue water.
$179 for a boat ride to 2 islands with an overcooked meal ( drinks and sides not included)
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Beautiful, natural, like from a brochure, not crowded at all. Like being in paradise.

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How to get:

Fly to Whitsunday Coast (PPP) airport in Proserpine. Then get to the city of Airlie Beach by taxi or bus. The city offers many day trips to the island.

Wealthier travelers usually prefer to get to the Whitsunday Coast via Hamilton Island. To do this, you need to fly to the Hamilton Island Airport (HTI) and take an excursion to Whitehaven Beach there.

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You can relax on Whitehaven Beach at any time of the year. At the same time, the warmest water is from December to April, and the least rainfall is from June to November. In general, so that everything is perfect at once, does not happen.

Hotels nearby:

Airlie Beach has a large number of hotels, including budget ones.

If you decide to stay on Hamilton Island, the hotels will be significantly more expensive, but correspondingly at a higher level.

In addition, there are many campgrounds directly on Whitsunday Island where you can spend the night in a tent.

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