Torre Grande is a resort village in the west of the island of Sardinia in Italy. This is the main recreation area of the city of Oristano, although the beach is not very beautiful. Due to its good location inside a closed bay, there are no strong waves here.

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Nice and quiet around the area, with so many places to eat and drink around.
This one is too close to the port of Oristano and the water is not very clean.
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Sea is very clean, crystal clear. Few bars along the front for simple good/drinks.

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Fly to Alghero international airport (AHO) or fly to Cagliari international airport (CAG). Next, take a taxi or take a train/bus.

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The best time for a beach holiday on the island of Sardinia is a warm-season from July to September. In August – the warmest water in the sea, but also the most tourists.

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The coast is home to the cheapest beach hotels in all of Sardinia. So if somehow you get carried to the west of the island, Torre Grande is a great place to stay for a few days.

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