Sosua Beach is a very picturesque bay on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, which tourists have chosen for recreation. Sosua Beach is considered one of the most beautiful in the Dominican Republic and one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Caribbean. Its length is about a kilometer.

Playa Sosua from the north is protected by coral reefs and is distinguished by the extraordinary purity of the seawater, which is especially impressive for tourists. Many people note the presence of pleasant fine sand, calm sea, and the incredible beauty of the beach. But some tourists sometimes complain about too big waves. The beach is located in the cozy town of the same name on the northern coast of the Dominican Republic, which has also gained great popularity among tourists.

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There are shops, bars, and restaurants lining the beach with a variety of excursions to choose from if you wish. Very pretty!
There is a team of adults sending kids to beg for money.
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This was the best beach near Puerto Plata. The sand is fine (not white) and soft, but the water is clear and postcard-perfect turquoise water (no filter required). There are lots of vendors renting sunbeds and umbrellas (2 chairs and 1 umbrella) for $9-10 USD, there are lots of vendors selling beers, massages, fruit, art, oysters, and snacks, etc on the beach or along with the beachfront shops.

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The city of Sosua is located next to Puerto Plata International Airport (POP) – it is approximately 7 km or 5 minutes’ drive. Sosua can be reached via Highway 5 or Camino Cinco along the northern coast of the Dominican Republic. A taxi ride to the city – $ 25. Sometimes taxi drivers want to get $ 20 from each passenger, then it is recommended to contact another driver.

It should be noted that the number of cars on duty at the airport always exceeds the demand. There is a tourist taxi, reliable but quite expensive. Taxi Sosua & Cabarete is the most popular and demanded company, their parking is located in the city center, the fare is fixed and presented to the public. Also in Sosua, you can use the popular application for calling a taxi – Uber.

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The Dominican Republic has a subtropical climate, humid throughout the year. The northeast winds bring freshness, so the heat on the coast is easily tolerated. In the mountains, the altitudinal zonation becomes an additional factor in the formation of the climate, but it is poorly developed, the temperature drops are low.

The rainy season in the Dominican Republic begins in late spring and mostly ends in September. During this period, showers are frequent but always end quickly, so resorts and beaches remain open.

Short showers are also possible at the beginning of the dry season. The most favorable weather in the Dominican Republic is from December to April.

The water temperature in the resorts of the Dominican Republic is higher than +26 ° С all year round. During the day at the resorts, it is steadily warmer than +25 ° С, at night from +20 ° С. Annual precipitation ranges from 1000 to 2000 mm.

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