The main attractions are the ancient ruins, the beautiful harbor, and the alleys in between – and right next to it is the long sandy beach Side East Beach. Here you will find plenty of space for relaxation and the necessary comfort provided by numerous beach clubs, which provide you with sun loungers, food, drinks, showers, and more.

Some of them address their offer rather than the younger beach vacationers and organize regular parties at the beach.

Others rely on coziness and thus find their regular audience from all over Europe, who feel so comfortable that it comes back again and again. Swimming in the clear water is fun, many beach clubs are open all year round, and water sports are also offered on Side East Beach.

Side West Beach is a long beach in the west, which is divided into two parts. The first part is Liman’s beach, which is dominated by a large pier, which is partly used by the fishing boats. The second part is the beach of Antalya, which is separated from the first part by a small peninsula.

The nearby resort center hotels mostly occupy the beach itself, and the beach is, therefore, more expensive than those of the east or south. Only the west beach has a more modern and more expensive resort center, about 1 km long.

However, there are no on-site facilities, and many visitors usually go to the beach clubs on the beach. The beach itself is still quite good, as long as it is not crowded and the water is clean.

Side East Beach is located in the east of Side and is divided into two parts. The first part is the beach of Kale, which is located in between the harbor and the old town.

The beach of Kale is very popular with the local population, as it is not as crowded as the beach in front of the harbor. Here you can find a very family-like atmosphere.

The beach of Kale is also ideal for families with children, as the sea is shallow and the water is clear. The beach is also ideal for water sports, as it is shallow in depth. The second part of the beach is the beach of Antalya, which is also known as the beach of the port.

Here you will find a small harbor, which also has a small beach. The beach is not too much frequented by the visitors, as the beach is located in the port. The beach is also not too clean, and the water is quite muddy.

The beach is also not ideal for families, as the water is not very clear and the sea is not shallow.

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Side East Beach begins and extends from here over several kilometers to the east. You can reach it on foot from the harbor, passing numerous bars, restaurants, and of course the famous ruins of the Apollo temple, the ancient theatre, and the Agora of Side. The Side East Beach consists of fine brown sand, mixed in places with very small, mostly light pebbles. In front of the hotels and the beach clubs, the beach is quite clean. In the sections in between the cleanliness leaves a lot to be desired. The way into the water is free of rocks and runs quite flat.

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The annual water temperature is on average 22.40°C.

The month with the highest water temperature is Август at 29.30°C. The lowest water temperature of 16.80°C will be reached in Февраль.

The highest average water temperature for this location is 29.30°C and is reached on average around 15. By contrast, the lowest average water temperature of 16.80°C around 18.

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