Sanur Beach in Bali stretches for almost 5 km. And although today this picturesque place in the southern part of the island is slightly inferior in popularity to Nusa Dua, Europeans a little older than middle age and married couples with children still come to rest there. In addition, if you want to completely change the atmosphere on vacation, then in Sanur you will hardly hear Russian speech.

The spacious beach is covered with fine light sand. You can go ashore and just sit on your towel for free. For a comfortable stay, there is an area with sun loungers. Renting a sun lounger for a day will cost 50,000 IDR.

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Lovely clean, safe beach. Yellow sands, a few hotels, and bars dotted along the front. Can use it as a short cut to the high street.
The sand looks nice from a distance but it’s not and the water in the pic is dirty and full of rubbish
Sport Activities8.2
Very clean beach relaxing and peaceful can’t wait to go back. Great for both family and elderly as well

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There are buses to Sanur from the Tegal terminal stop in the city of Denpasar. In addition, private buses to Sanur run from most of the tourist centers in Bali.

The cherished Sanur Beach is located 20 minutes away from Denpasar Airport, about the same drive from the Kuta Beach party. You can get from the airport by taxi or using a pre-booked transfer. In the KiwiTaxi transfer finder, you can also book transport to the beach and from other places on the island.

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As in the rest of the island, Sanur has a tropical climate, that is, the season is divided into dry and wet.

The dry season lasts from May to October, humid from November to April, February is called the rainiest month in Sanur.

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There are plenty of options for resort accommodation near Sanur Beach: these are “star” resorts, spacious villas, and very budget rooms for singles and families in guesthouses. It is advisable to book accommodation in advance for the high season, however, even before the trip itself, there are great chances to meet any vacation budget for rental housing.

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