Praia da Marinha

Praia da Marinha attracts photographers from all over the world because many consider it the most photogenic beach in Portugal. After all, this equipped beach with pure white sand is surrounded by yellow rocks that look like animals, and behind them hide smaller beaches. Behind the cliffs, to the west of the main beach, there is a beautiful place the wild beach of Praia da Mesquita. This is where the famous double arch is located, and the cliffs offer the best view of it. The caves and grottoes are the beach’s calling card, and there are a hiking trail and observation deck along the cliffs above the beach.You can get here only by car, private or by cab.

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This beach is a very beautiful place where you can watch the wonders of nature and gorgeous blue water, you can rent diving equipment on the beach. There is also a cafe with beautiful ocean views.
Swimming on this beach can be difficult because of the sharp stones at the bottom and algae, which, in theory, do not interfere with swimming, but will bother you if you want to go diving. There are no changing rooms and public toilet.
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Praia da Marinha beach can delight lovers of diving, as well as lovers of beautiful views, the beach is very large and can accommodate many tourists, there is also a cafe with a beautiful view of the ocean, there is a steam room, but there is not a single changing room, and there are no lifeguards at all ...

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How to get:

You can get here only by car, private or by cab.


The season here begins in July and ends in September. The water gets up to 23 °C, but even so, vacationers say that the water is not too comfortable, and it blooms with algae.

Water and beach cleanliness:

Marinha Beach is rarely crowded. Swimming near the shore here can not be called comfortable because of the large number of stones and some algae.

Cafes and restaurants:

Praia da Marinha place is very popular, but the usual conditions for recreation here are not. On the beach, there are no umbrellas and sun loungers, which could be rented. There are no showers, changing cabins, toilets. At the entrance to the beach, there is a small café where you can grab a bite to eat with a view of the ocean.

Watersports and things to do:

On the beach, you can take a boat and take a walk along the coast of Lagoa, because it is a good opportunity to see the beautiful cliffs and visit the beaches and grottoes inaccessible from the ground. There are good conditions for snorkeling, diving, and swimming, and hiking in the surrounding area will delight naturalists. You can rent boats and catamarans. Parking is large and free.

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