Praia da Cruz Quebrada

The beach of Praia da Cruz Quebrada is a quiet place with a sandy strip that begins in the channel of the Jamor River and ends in the east. Along the shoreline are the railroad tracks crossing the river on the adjacent bridge, as well as the train station Cruz Quebrada. And in total there are three bridges across the river within fifty meters of each other: a railroad bridge and two road bridges.
The name of this beach translates as “broken cross”, a monument of the early seventeenth century that was broken by lightning, and then was assembled and fastened with iron pins.
Vacationers come here rarely because here they find themselves in the company of local fishermen, whose boats and tackle are stored on the shore.
The narrow sand and pebble strip is framed by concrete walls, overlooking the Tagus with 150-meter-long breakwaters. A little further away you can see the remains of two more pontoons. This is a good place to rest if you want to be away from the crowds.

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This beach is well suited for sport activities, as there are few people and a lot of places, there are also many fishermen who can be asked about tasty and inexpensive places to eat.
There are no recreational support facilities or lifeguards on Praia da Cruz Quebrada. No changing rooms or showers, only parking.
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There are always few people on this beach, so this is a certain plus for people who do not like a large crowd of people, the water is not very clean and you can often see fishermen with nets in the water, which is a kind of minus because you don't really want to swim in fishing nets.

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How to get:

By bus.
Take the train from Cais de Sodré train station in Lisbon, take the train to Cruz Quebrada station, and walk 180 m from the train station.
By car.

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Water and beach cleanliness:

The beach is not too clean and sometimes the water is dirty.

Cafes and restaurants:

Bring your own food.

Watersports and things to do:

Fishing is well-developed here and so the coastal strip is occupied by boats and tackle. This beach is not suitable for recreation, but it has good conditions for sports. The Jamor Sports Complex is connected with the stadium and the tennis and golf courses, as well as the swimming pool.

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