Praia da Adraga

Adraga beach is located close to Cape Roca, just outside Sintra, at the village of Almoçageme. It is one of the most beautiful beaches along the coast, surrounded by tall picturesque cliffs. All the drawings on them are from the sea waves, as they are mostly raging, and swimming here can be dangerous. The coastal strip stretches for about 400 m.

Praia da Adraga beach is located near Cape Roca, near Sintra near the village of Almoçageme. Near the beach, you can also visit a beautiful geological landscape consisting of Fojo da Adraga and Pedra de Alvidrar. To get there, you must go from the parking lot uphill in a southerly direction and from there you can descend to the small beach of Praia do Cavalo. Be careful because the descent is very dangerous and requires special training.

If the weather does not get you, you can spend a good time cozying up to a window overlooking the ocean and admire the wild elements.

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The beach has free toilets, parking, and a restaurant with the freshest seafood. There are many beautiful places and wonderful blue water. Paragliding equipment can be rented. Also take a stroll along the picturesque coast.
The beach is quite dangerous for an unprepared tourist, there are a lot of people here during the season.
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The beach is quite dangerous for the average tourist, but it can be an excellent choice for people who prefer an active lifestyle. There are a lot of people during the holiday season.

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How to get:

To get to the beach, it’s best to take a bicycle or cab. There is no public transportation, but you can walk from the village. From Cascais or Cape Roca you can take a bus to Almoçageme town center and from there it is 2 km to the beach.

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Water and beach cleanliness:

The beach was awarded the “Blue Flag”, which means it is clean and safe.

Number of people/popularity:

The beach is always crowded with tourists in season.

Cafes and restaurants:

There’s a lovely fish restaurant on the beach, which is usually packed, especially on weekends, but it’s worth eating there. There’s also a fish restaurant that serves the freshest local seafood.


Watersports and things to do:

Walk along the cliffs to Cape Roca, the way there and back takes 1.5-2 hours. But Praia da Adraga is also very popular with fans of active water activities, interesting fishing. Paragliders will love this place, all because there are rentals, and the opportunity to beautifully jump.

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