Playa del Águila

Playa del Águila is home to one of the best beaches in Spain. This beach is made of fine, white sand and is surrounded by tall, green trees. Visitors can enjoy the beach’s beautiful views of the ocean, as well as the fact that it is never crowded. A beach in Spain where visitors can enjoy the beautiful views of the ocean and never be crowded.

Playa del Águila, or ‘Eagles’ Beach’, in the south-east of Gran Canaria, is the quieter and more intimate alternative to the nearby Playa del Inglés and is much better developed than its two neighbours, Playa de Tarajalillo and Playa del Besudo. But ‘Eagles’ Beach’, with its steady and strong winds, is first and foremost a really good windsurfing spot and is also suitable for beginners when the wind is moderate. As well as an older bathing crowd, you’ll mainly encounter young sports enthusiasts here!

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By bus

From San Fernando station, take bus 1. It takes 9 minutes. The fare is 3–5 EUR. Distance 6 km.

By taxi

Take a taxi for 16 minutes from Maspalomas to Sioux City. Distance 8 km. Taxi cost approximately 8-10 EUR



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Most of the territory is characterized by a mild climate. Warm winters (+19 .. + 23 ° C), hot summers (+24 .. + 30 ° C). Average water temperature in summer +20 .. + 23 ° C, in winter +17 .. + 20 ° C. The peculiarity of the island is a sharp change in natural zones: from high, forested mountains, on the tops of which there is almost always snow, to sunny beaches. The mountain peaks prevent the penetration of cold northerly winds into the southern part of the island, so a warm and dry climate prevails there.

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