Nissi Beach in Cyprus is a popular destination for tourists to visit. The beach has white sand that is perfect for relaxing and sunbathing. Palm trees are abundant, and a long boardwalk is perfect for walking or jogging.

Nissi Beach is a secluded beach on the northeast coast of the Republic of Cyprus. The beach is accessible by foot from the village of Agios Georgios on the Akamas peninsula.

Nissi is an island in Greek, and Nissi Beach got its name from a small island 50 meters from the coast, which is connected to the beach by a narrow spit along which you can walk. There is nothing on the island, stones, and thickets of cacti, but the view is magnificent. You can feel the relative seclusion here, of course, compared to the Nissi beach hangout. Beautiful photos can be taken from the island, especially at sunrise or before sunset.

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The waters are lovely and the sand is pure yellow and amazing.
The only downfall is, it is very commercialized.
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A huge amount of sunbeds and restaurants on the beach, with loud music from each bar or restaurant blaring across the beach.

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Nissi Beach is located in the most popular resort in Cyprus – Ayia Napa. The former fishing village is now considered the best beach destination in Cyprus. Not least thanks to one of the most beautiful beaches in Cyprus – Nissi Beach.

The beach itself is located quite far from the city center and it is better to get here in the summer heat by a rented car, a rented ATV or buggy, or by city buses # 101 and # 102. Vehicles can be parked in the parking lot near the Nissi Beach hotel; parking is not charged during the off-season.

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The beach season at Nissi Beach officially starts on May 1st and ends on September 30th. However, some tourists come here in the months adjacent to the high season: April or October. At this time, the weather conditions are not so stable – the situation in different years can be very different, this should be taken into account. But there are very few vacationers here during this period.

The peak season is in July and August when the number of sunny days is maximum (the average air temperature is + 31 … + 33.4 ° C during the day, + 26.5 … + 27.2 ° C at night), and the seawater warms up the most – up to + 27 … + 28 ° C. These two months are the time of the greatest influx of tourists, and especially those who come to Nissi Beach for entertainment and popular nightlife.

In September, the flow of tourists begins to decline, but the weather is still very favorable for swimming and sunbathing: the average daily value for air is + 30.8 ° C, for water is + 27.2 ° C. Tourists often choose this month for families, including those with children.

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On the first line, there are beautiful business class hotels with swimming pools, patios, bars, and green lawns, which, despite the considerable cost, are sold out long before the start of the season – you can check it yourself – below I give links to hotels for your convenience.

Tourist class hotels and apartments are located across the street from Nissi Avenue. If you plan to have an active pastime, then you should not overpay for the first line. But if you want to wake up to the sound of the waves and spend more time on the beach, then of course choose a hotel closer to the sea. We tried both options at different times and below is a list of recommended apartments and hotels where we or our friends have stayed.

In fact, the entire area directly in front of Nissi Beach is occupied by the large Nissi Beach Resort. You can park your rental car in the parking lot in front of the hotel, it’s free.

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