Legian is a small village 7 kilometers southwest of Denpasar. Like most resort areas, it was an ordinary fishing village until the middle of the last century, until its coast attracted tourists. Today, Legian Beach is considered one of the best in the whole of Bali. And now I will tell you why.

Legian stretches for about 1.4 kilometers along the coast. However, he has no clear boundaries. The fact is that it is located between two other beaches – Kuta from the south and Seminyak from the north. They are in no way fenced off from each other, and the total length of the coastal zone reaches 10 kilometers. Formally, the boundaries of Legian are Jl. Arjuna (Jl. Double Six) in the north and Jl. Melasti – in the south.

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Love the black sand beach with may entertainment around. A good place to watch the sunset.
Polluted with plastic so very disappointing. Dead fish. Water warm but loads of floating rubbish.
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Legian beach is a great beach for a swim, surf, long walk or run. You can also get a massage, pedicure souvenirs, or anything you desire. You can always get a cold beer, a great sunset, and almost any type of food you’re after. Lots of sun lounges and umbrellas for rent all day. Really good beach scene to see.

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The road from the popular Balinese resorts will not take more than 1 hour. The drive from the international airport in Denpasar will take about 20 minutes. Intercity buses from several local companies run to the beach. You can get by public transport from other popular Bali beaches: Jimbaran, Sanur, and Nusa Dua. Buses run from 09:00 to 20-21: 00. The fare is 50,000 IDR. The most popular carrier is Kura Kura Bus. His buses can travel from Kuta to Legian for 20,000 IDR.

Most tourists prefer to use taxi services, as the cost of the trip is very low. You can order a car or bike with a driver through the Grab Taxi app. The global Uber service on the island is problematic. Local taxi drivers are fighting Uber drivers by banning them from parking in popular tourist spots. They will take you to the beach, but you probably won’t be able to call a taxi back to the beach via Uber.

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Bali’s climate is equatorial and subequatorial, marine. Summer lasts almost all year round. Bali has two seasons – dry (April to October) and wet (November to March). The air temperature can reach 31 ° C in coastal areas, and drop slightly as you go inland, for example to the North. The best time to relax in Bali is from April to October, with occasional rains, an average air temperature of +28, and moderate humidity. But important information for everyone! Do not think that during the “wet” season you should not go to rest in Bali. From November to March, it rains preferably at night, and does not interfere with rest at all.

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The resort sector adjacent to Legian Beach is represented by four and five-star resort hotels, villas, and more budget guesthouses. In general, the choice of accommodation in the resort is huge, more than a hundred hotels and hotels in various classes.

Accommodation in Legian will cost, on average, a little cheaper than in hotels of a similar category in Seminyak. At the same time, you can always walk to the neighboring resorts along the coastline.

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