Las Ballenas

Las Ballenas beach is located in the Dominican Republic and is one of the most popular beaches in the Dominican Republic. The beach is located in front of the Las Ballenas Hotel and is a perfect spot for relaxing on the beach or playing in the water. This beach is a great spot for families with kids, because of the shallow waters.

Climate and Weather

The weather in Las Ballenas is mostly sunny, with temperatures in the high 80s throughout the year.


Las Ballenas beach has plenty of amenities. Las Ballenas Beach has a hotel, restaurant, and gift shop. There are additional restaurants and souvenir shops located within a short distance of the beach. You can purchase food and drinks at the Las Ballenas Hotel.

Things to do

You can play volleyball, fish, go for a swim, and kayak at Las Ballenas. The amenities at this beach, as well as its close proximity to other nearby businesses, make Las Ballenas Beach a good location for tourists who want to explore the area.

Interesting Facts

The Dominican Republic is the second-largest Caribbean nation.


If you’re looking for a beach with a little more to do than just swimming and relaxing, then Las Ballenas is the perfect spot.


Las Ballenas Beach is located in the north of the Dominican resort of Las Terrenas. It attracts holidaymakers with golden sand and an almost complete absence of waves. The beach is protected by coral reefs, which conditionally form a calm bay. The descent into the water is gentle, which is very much appreciated by families with children.

The name Las Ballenas is translated from Spanish as “whales.” There is an explanation for this. Firstly, in the beach’s water area, three small islands are vaguely similar to humpback whales’ family. Secondly, the coastline is shaped like the back of a marine mammal. And thirdly: during the boat trip you can see live whales!

Although the beach is considered one of the most visited in the city, it is not crowded. The coastline’s length and width are sufficient for a comfortable stay even in the high tourist season.

For those who want to spend time in the vicinity of Las Ballenas, mainly villas are provided. Vacationers can stay in apart-hotels, hotels, apartments.

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Clean with calm sea. They're also a lot of options for drinks and food.
Avoid bathing here.
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You can just walk in the warm water and enjoy seeing lots of large and small colorful fish. Very safe and calm. Water clarity excellent! There is a fairly large reef you can explore or grassy parts, both with lots of fish.

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How to get:

The public transport network is not well developed in the resort. The easiest way to get to the peripheral areas where the beach is located is by taxi. The Las Terrenas area is served by Payano, Asochotratutena, Gruppo Flani, and Optima. The way from the center to the beach will take 20 minutes, during rush hour – about half an hour.

Tourists who plan to spend more than one day at Las Ballenas should consider renting a car, motorcycle, or ATV. A road adjoins the beach. You can get to it from the side of Mariko Avenue or Golf Project Street. In the first case, the reference point is the Eden Beach bar, in the second – the pool on the left side of the road.

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On the territory of Las Ballenas beach, an equatorial climate reigns, which is not characterized by sudden changes in temperature. During the day, the air heats up to an average of +29 ° C, at night it cools down to +23 ° C. By evening, the wind often rises, and the coolness is felt stronger than it actually is. You should not walk along the beach in light clothes.

The rainy season lasts from July to November. During this period, 140 millimeters of precipitation falls. They are short-term, they run mainly in the afternoon. During the day, the puddles dry out rather quickly, although the humidity level reaches 80–90%.

Winter and the first half of spring are the driest times. The amount of precipitation does not exceed 80 millimeters. The air humidity drops to 30%.

Tropical cyclones hit the coast of the Dominican Republic every couple of years. Hurricanes are most likely in August and September. A few days before the expected natural disaster, the meteorological center announces a storm warning. On these days, it is better to avoid visiting the beach, and even more so – swimming.

By the way, the water temperature is kept at the same level, which attracts tourists all year round. On average, it is +27 ° C. On cool, rainy days, this figure may drop by 1-2 degrees.

Water and beach cleanliness:

Sand quality

The sand is light brown and is very powdery. This is a great beach for those who want a little more of a rocky feel.

Water quality

The water is of a very high quality. The water is blue-green in color. It is very warm, clear and the water is easy to swim in.

Hotels nearby:

Las Ballenas Beach has a hotel, restaurant, and gift shop. There are additional restaurants and souvenir shops located within a short distance of the beach.

Watersports and things to do:

You can play volleyball, fish, go for a swim, and kayak at Las Ballenas.

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