Lady’s Mile

Lady’s Mile is a beautiful, white sand beach with crystal clear water. Plenty of places to get food and drink. Lady’s Mile Beach is a popular beach on the east coast of Cyprus. It has a long sandy and shingly beach. The water is shallow, and the seafloor is sandy and sloping.

Lady’s Mile Beach is the longest and one of the most beautiful beach lines in Cyprus. Located on British sovereign territory. The coast is sandy and pebble, about 5 kilometers long. The coast is divided into several sectors. Some of them are named and positioned as separate beaches on the Lady’s Mile, for example, Captain’s Cabin, a popular landscaped area with an inflatable park. The water is clear everywhere, blue in color with a comfortable entry.

The location has excellent infrastructure with the possibility of renting sun loungers, restaurants, swimming facilities, equipment rental for recreation and water activities. The only negative is that there is no bus stop nearby, but there is everything for cars: convenient access and a parking lot. The distance from a major tourist center to here can be walked in 40-50 minutes. There is a large salt lake and a couple of historical sites nearby.

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The beach is amazing, it’s so clean and clear. There are lots of restaurants to eat and fun activities for kids.
We were there in high season and struggle to get a parking or even an umbrella with chairs.
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What a great beach this is. Lovely sand, very good for young children, gentle slope into the sea. Sunbeds not very expensive, well worth a visit.

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How to get:

The beach line, although located in British territory, is very close to Limassol. The best option for arrival is Larnaca Airport. Flights from Russia constantly fly to him, at a cost of 2500 rubles one way. The approximate distance is 78 kilometers. The journey from Paphos airport will be even shorter – 70 kilometers, but the flight here is more expensive – from 6500 rubles. Call a taxi through the nTaxi app. GPS coordinates for traveling by car – 34.614674, 33.005395.

From Limassol

There is no public transport near the endpoint. The nearest bus stop is My Mall. Routes 7, 18, 20, 21, and 30 passes here. Then call a taxi from the stop or walk. You will see the beginning of the beach after 2 kilometers. Just follow the road that turns to the sea. By car, take the A1 until you turn onto the Nikaias motorway, which merges into the Vertical Port. Then the border passes, and in just a couple of meters, you will be in place.

From Larnaca

From Larnaca it is possible to get there only by car. The journey will take about 1 hour. First follow the B5 motorway, which will change to the A5. Then there will be a smooth right turn onto A1. After driving through Limassol, stop at Nikaias. Continue straight to the British possessions.

From Paphos

Paphos is 76 kilometers away from Lady’s Mile. The route will last 60–70 minutes. Move out of town on the A6 motorway. You will drive along with it almost to the end until a roundabout appears on Nikaias. Then the path to the border and along the sandy strip, stop anywhere.

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It is best to go to the resorts of Cyprus from April to October. At this time, the water is comfortable, the temperature is +25 degrees Celsius, the air is even warmer up to +31. In the evening and at night it gets colder by 2-5 degrees. Intense heat occurs in July and August. If you like cooler weather, then choose October for your vacation. From December to February, the temperature drops to +17, the sea is no longer suitable for swimming. It often rains and blows from the north during these months. The Akrotiri Peninsula is not sheltered from the winds, so the waves are great for surfing.

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