Haad Baan Tai

Haad Baan Tai is a beautiful beach on the southwestern coast of Koh Phangan. The beach is known for its beautiful white sand and crystal clear waters. If you are looking for a place to relax, this is the place. Haad Baan Tai is a great place to take a dip in the water.

The beach is a popular destination for tourists who want to get away from the crowds and enjoy a peaceful environment. The beach is also a great spot for snorkeling where you can see the rich underwater life that is found in the area.

One of the most popular beaches of Koh Phangan. The nice sandy beach of Baan Tai in the south of the island has a variety of things to offer and especially kitesurfers will get their money’s worth here. Those not into sports can instead enjoy the day in a relaxed atmosphere in one of the many beach bars which are nestled in between the tall palm trees.

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It's a beautiful beach with nice views.
Low level of water, many stones, and dead corals on the beach. It is not much suitable for swimming.
Sport Activities5.2
Nice beach but not for swimming, water is shallow and undeep. Beach itself is very nice with many resorts.

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From the Airport

The island airport is called Koh Samui and is located 14 km from Ban Tai Beach. To get to it, you can use local transport. There are a lot of options: buses, cars of different classes and levels.

From the Way Nathon Marina

Nathon Marina is the busiest. A large number of taxis and shuttle bus drivers are concentrated here. So there will be no problems with the choice of transport to visit this beach. It is best to choose a driver further from the pier, as the further the car is located, the lower the fare.

From Pier Lipa Noi

Lipa Noi pier is a secluded place where you will not meet a large number of tourists, but despite this, you can get from here to any island of Koh Samui, including Ban Tai. For these purposes, it is best to use local shuttle taxis or private carrier services.

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In southern Thailand, unlike other areas, there are two seasons: wet and dry, but despite this, the temperature on Koh Phangan tends to remain constant throughout the year.

It is best to avoid the wettest months – October and November, when the weather conditions are determined by the monsoons and the weather is unstable, as well as early December, which can also please you with rains.

The dry season usually lasts from February to April. True, it also rains at this time, but very rarely and only a few hours a day.

The island tends to fill up with tourists between November, December, February, March to August, while January and July sometimes attract travelers as well.

If you would like to avoid the crowds and take advantage of the low prices, then consider arriving at Koh Phangan in April, May, and June.

But most of all sunny days, without clouds, you will meet in September.

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