Bat Galim is one of the best beaches in Haifa, which is located on the bay. Free admission. Nearby are cafes, shops, restaurants, and popular city attractions. Mount Carmel features the scenic green terraces of the Bahai Gardens and the red roofs of the Templar quarter.

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The water is green-blue. Wonderful sunsets.
No restaurants, just one eatery and an expensive kiosk selling bad coffee.
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This is a quiet beach frequented by families and older people. Most of it is a small bay sheltered from waves. There is also a section with waves where some people surf. Possibly because of the local currents, there are rarely jellyfish here, even when other beaches in Israel and even in Haifa are infested with stinging jellyfish (meduzot) for a month or more. The locker rooms have warm water showers, unlike most other local beaches, which have only cold showers.

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Fly to Tel Aviv International Airport (TLV). Further by train or by bus.

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Israel is located in a subtropical climate zone of the Mediterranean type, characterized by mild winters and very hot summers. The most favorable time for a beach holiday in the Mediterranean and Red Seas in spring (April-May) and autumn (September, October, early November). You can relax in the Dead Sea all year round. The water temperature in winter does not drop below + 20 ° C, but it is unbearably hot in summer.

Hotels nearby:

Near the northern beach of Bat Galim, the choice of hotels is limited, but in general, they are quite inexpensive.

There are several more hotels near the long western beach of Carmel, and they cost, oddly enough, even more, expensive than in Bat Galim.

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