Ein Bokek

One of the main attractions of the resort and the main reason why tourists come here are the best beaches in Ein Bokek. The healing properties of the Dead Sea are fully represented here, as nowhere else in the country.

The coastline in Ein Bokek is very clean, the beaches are half sandy, half salt mixed with mud. They are very popular among tourists because here you can not only take a salt bath but also enjoy the mud procedures afterward. This is what vacationers do, some even take the dirt with them.

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This is the best (maybe the only) place to enjoy the Dead Sea. It is designed to be safe and make the water accessible, which is not a given. The beach has changing booths and freshwater showers to rinse off the salt and sand. Very Nice.
The entire beach has dried up long ago due to mining.
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Beach is very well equipped: plenty of shade, many showers, taps to wash your feet, dressing rooms, and again plenty of shade.

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Fly to Tel Aviv International Airport (TLV). Next, take a bus to Jerusalem. Next, take a bus to Ein Bokek. You can also get to Ein Bokek by bus from Eilat and other major cities in Israel.

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The best time for a beach holiday on the Dead Sea coast is from July to September. The rest of the time the seawater is too cold and the Dead Sea is not the place to go to just sunbathe.

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There are about 10 hotels in Ein Bokek. One of them is premium with a price per room under $ 1000 per day. The rest of the hotels cost $ 100-150, which is quite inexpensive by Israeli standards.

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