Cabarete is a small, by today’s standards, the resort town of the Dominican Republic, which spreads out its possessions 13 kilometers from the city of Sosua and 20 minutes from Gregorio Luperon Airport in Puerto Plata. There are many residences in Cabarete, which are cottage settlements with villas and townhouses, or small housing complexes with apartments. Unlike other cities in the Dominican Republic, the infrastructure of Cabarete is closest to the European one, there is everything you need for a familiar life: schools, kindergartens, clinics, supermarkets.

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Great beach, the warm ocean but a bit on the rough side, normal for the North shore! Nice for walking or running with beach bars along the way.
The beaches are dirty; completely full of litter. The nightclubs are excessively loud but at least they are all located in the same place so you can both avoid them and stay far enough away from them that the pounding (and conflicting) music doesn't have to shake your hotel room. Further down, Kite beach used to be a more quiet option to give you the best of both worlds but Kite Club now does parties with unbelievably loud music that makes it completely impossible to sleep if you are staying on kite beach.
Sport Activities7.7
This beach is for people who like kitesurfing, active and full of energy, there are many kite surfers there and is great to watch them flying all over the beach.

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Cabarete, where the eponymous Cabarete beach is located, is just 15 minutes from Puerto Plata International Airport. This location is very convenient for tourists. Buses in the Dominican Republic can be called one of the most convenient ways to travel – the bus service is well developed and they run quite often. The most popular bus carriers are Metro Buses and Caribe Tours. The fixed fare from Puerto Plata airport to Cabarete is $ 35, travel time is 20 minutes. From Santo Domingo airport, travel will cost more – $ 150, travel time 3.5 hours. All buses are comfortable and air-conditioned.

You can also get to Cabarete by taxi. Local taxi drivers often inflate prices, sometimes the ticket price can reach $ 50. Therefore, it is worth looking for such an option as a “public taxi” – this is also a taxi, but with fellow travelers, such a taxi is called public, the cost is $ 0.40 during the day and $ 0.80 at night, they travel on a specific route and stop at the request of passengers. You can also get there by local inexpensive minivans or gua-gua, the price is $ 0.20. You can also use well-known taxi applications, popular Uber, and Gett work in the Dominican Republic.

There are also minibusses in the Dominican Republic that take you to Cabarete beach. Route taxis are mostly owned by private companies and run between cities. You can stop such a minibus anywhere with a wave of your hand. The average cost of travel between cities is up to $ 2. There are usually a lot of people in such minibusses, sometimes there are too many, and it can also be quite dusty and stuffy there.

The town of Cabarete, in which the Playa Cabarete beach is located, is small and it will be quite easy to get to the beach around the city – cheap and fast moto concho runs regularly during the day – this is a motorcycle with a driver. Prices are very affordable – no more than $ 2 per trip, but it is always better to negotiate the cost of the trip in advance. This is not the safest form of transport and even a little extreme: many motorcycles do not have rear-view mirrors and a taillight, drivers do not wear helmets and do not give them to passengers.

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The climate of the Dominican Republic is humid, subtropical. Formally, there are 2 seasons here: summer (May-October) and winter (November-April). The heat is easily tolerated by the northeasterly winds. The rainy season, which begins in May and lasts until the end of July, brings with it frequent but short (no more than 30 minutes) showers. They go in the evening, so they do not cause much discomfort. The average water temperature in summer is + 29-31 ° С. Average air temperature: April-June +27 ° С, July +28 ° С, August +27 ° С and September +28 ° С.

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